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Trojan® 31-AGM 12V Deep-Cycle AGM Battery

Item # 810801076-EA

  • Low temperature tolerant, shock and vibration resistant and have a low internal resistance for higher discharge current and higher charging efficiency.
  • BCI group size: 31; Terminal type: 6
  • Capacity minutes: @25 amps, 177
  • Energy (kWh): 100-HR rate: 1.33
Manufacturer #31-AGM
  • Description

Capacity Amp-Hours: 5-HR rate: 82; 10-HR rate: 92; 20-HR rate: 100; 100-HR rate: 111. Cranking Performance: CC.A D @0°F: 600; C.A>E @32°F: 720. Robust plates and separators extend the life-cycle of Trojan's deep-cycle AGM batteries while a computer-generated grid design is optimized for high-power density.