Karcher® KM 75/40 W Battery Vacuum Sweeper - 28"

Karcher® KM 75/40 W Battery Vacuum Sweeper - 28"

Item # 774512603-EA

  • The smoothest running sweeper-vac on the market today. Whisper quiet and powerful, superior engineering assures outstanding cleaning results.
  • Power: 2 x 12V battery, 400 watt; Main broom length: 21.6"
  • Main broom dia: 10.4"; Sweeping method: overthrow
  • Hopper size: 10.5 gallons; 56.3" L x 29.5" W x 36.6" H
28", ea
Manufacturer #1049201
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This machine will please any customer who has up to 50,000 sq ft of hard floor or 35,000 sq ft of carpeting to sweep and vacuum.


  • Self-propelled (forward).
  • Strong drive system, variable speed controlled by hand lever up to 2.8 mph. Can climb 12% grade.
  • Efficient drive system. Simple, uncomplicated, no expensive transmission needed.
  • No tool broom change. Main broom can be removed for replacement or maintenance without tool. Fast and very easy, no complicated procedure.
  • Adjustable side broom. Cable is easily adjusted for pressure or to compensate for wear.
  • Long lasting brooms are water resistant polypropylene, economical replacement cost. Chevron pattern does not require end to end rotation to avoid bristle-set.
  • Washable hopper is on wheels for easy emptying. Built-in dust separator system keeps fine dust from returning to filter.
  • Litter gate lever on operating handle opens sweeping chamber to accept larger sized debris.
  • Massive fan generates terrific suction for the ultimate in dust control performance.
  • Water-resistant synthetic pleated filter is 99.5% efficient, 19.3 sq ft of material filters the finest dust. The smooth synthetic has a longer service life and actually repels dust allowing more sweeping with less work stoppages for cleaning.
  • Mechanical filter shaker. Patented, highly efficient dust filter cleans in-place without the need for removal. Operators never exposed to dust while cleaning the filters.
  • 24 volt battery pack. Standard deep-cycle batteries included along with fully automatic charger.
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