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Karcher® DE4002 Commercial Steam Cleaner

Item # 774512565-EA

  • Provides unparalleled chemical free cleaning and sanitizing of even the most difficult surfaces and items. Weighs only 17 lbs.
  • Voltage: 110 v
  • Steam Pressure: 46.4 psi; Steam Temperature 248° F
  • Water Reservoir: .63 gal.; Steam Chamber Reservoir: .63 gal
Manufacturer #10928010
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Utilizing Karcher's unique two-tank system that allows for continuous use and water replenishment, the DE 4002 can produce approximately 1,585 gallon of steam from its boiler capacity of only 1.2 gallons with a run time of up to 5 hours!


  • The 248° F steam is the perfect way to chemically-free eliminate bedbugs and their eggs.
  • This easily portable unit can treat sofas, chairs, furniture, mattresses, cabinets, walls and just about anywhere bedbugs hide.
  • Can also be used on carpets and is one of the best ways to treat baseboards, cracks and crevices.
  • Two tank system (Boiler and refill tank): Separate water reservoir can be filled while the machine is running. No 15 minute wait periods for tank to cool down for refilling found on some competitor machines.
  • Dual boiler tank heating elements: 1500 watts
  • Variable steam volume: Control knob regulates amount of steam volume. Output can be adjusted perfectly to the cleaning task.
  • Audible or visual alert system: Operator is reminded of low water, low steam, low temperature, even when boiler de-scaling is required.
  • 9 minutes to heat boiler tank.
  • Standard accessories (included): steam hose, extension tube, floor tool, hand tool, wiping clot (pkg of 10), power nozzle.