Karcher® CV38/2 High Performance Upright Vacuum - 15"

Karcher® CV38/2 High Performance Upright Vacuum - 15"

Item # 768033810-EA

  • Proven ruggedness combined with potent suction power cuts cleaning time. Low profile easily reaches under furniture and beds.
  • Vacuum motor: 2 stage, 1200 watt
  • Brush motor: 150 watt; Air flow: 101.7 CFM
  • Waterlift: 100"; Cord length: 39.3'; Filter: 1.45 gal.
15", ea
Manufacturer #1033318

A two motor design utilizes a dedicated vacuum motor for superior soil removal capabilities while the second rotates the roller brush, achieving a demonstrable advantage over single motor machines.


  • The handle is height-adjustable and light weight which can substantially reduce operator hand, wrist and arm fatigue.
  • On-board tools and remote wand for above floor cleaning are standard equipment.
  • Secondary protection filter on motor protects motor from damage caused by burst filter bag. Bag access door will not close until the bag and secondary filter are installed properly.
  • Triple filter system for clean exhaust air. Unique fleece bag, secondary and final exhaust filters assures clean air discharge from machine.
  • Rugged housing and base. Impact-resistant construction. Base bumper protects furniture and fixtures.
  • Brush motor. Strong 150 watt motor, adjustable pressure. Indicator light on base alerts operator of incorrect setting.
  • Low profile easily reaches under furniture and beds.
  • Low handle weight design reduces operator fatigue.
  • Patented filter bag removal. Dust-free bag changes, no unpleasant dusting or debris spills.
  • Flexible hose, comfortable wand, and tools on-board. Standard crevice and upholstery tools. Flexible hose with wand for remote cleaning functions.


  • Noise Level: 67 db(A)
  • Weight: 19.1 lb. (without cord); 20.9 lb (with cord)
  • Dimensions: 15.39" W x 44.96" H