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Karcher® B 40 C Bp Classic Floor Scrubber - 115AH AGM

Item # 762512749-EA

  • A versatile basic version of the B 40 C/W Bp. Simple operation. Can be ordered with either 17" or 20" disk heads or 18" or 22" cylindrical heads.
  • Brush speed: (D head): 180 rpm; (R head) 1400 rpm
  • Brush pressure (R head): 31 - 40 lbs.; Squeegee: 35"
  • Solution/recovery tank capacity: 10.6 gallons
Manufacturer #95127490
  • Description

Standard equipment includes squeegee assembly (includes oil resistant blades); double hook; homebase adapter; charger off-board 24V (with wet cell batteries); Charger off-board AGM (with AGM batteries).