Janibell® Privé Sanitary Napkin Disposal System - White

Janibell® Privé Sanitary Napkin Disposal System - White

Item # 570MPV10A-EA

  • A fully enclosed sanitary napkin disposal solution with a battery-operated, touch-free close-range infrared sensor system. Clean and discreet disposal.
  • Efficient lasts up to a year with just 2 "D" cell batteries
  • Compact wall-mount design. Automatic open/close.
  • Non-porous ABS surface construction. 2 gallon capacity.
2 Gal., White, ea
Manufacturer #MPV10A
List Price: $181.21/EA
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Keep your ladies' restrooms clean and sanitary for customers and employees. Once deposited, waste isn't seen, touched or smelled again. Built to last, and is made from durable ABS, PCB with a moisture-resistant coating and rust-free components. Easily mount on the restroom wall, or choose the optional stand for placement on the floor.

Why use a feminine hygiene bin exchange program when you can easily do it yourself. The Prive is clean and sanitary. Look to us for your hygiene solution in Barrie, Simcoe County and area. Glen Martin Ltd is the choice in Canada for the Janibell Prive Automated Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bin.

  • The sensor-operated automatic lid, combined with Janibell's continuous liner System, ensures minimum exposure to the waste contents for both users and service personnel.
  • Moisture-resistant coating and rust-free components.
  • Janibell's unique continuous liner system, with environmentally-friendly, fully degradable bags, makes disposal quick and easy.