SaniQuest GF500 Portable Handwash & Sanitation System

SaniQuest GF500 Portable Handwash & Sanitation System

Item # 466GF500-EA

  • A premium unit that is designed for heavy commercial use and is intended to be used for many years in high traffic areas.
  • 4 swivel, 4 locking casters
  • Maintains water at 30-32 degrees Celsius (normal warm washing temperature)
  • 30+ hand washes per fill
Manufacturer #GF500
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Not a light duty product that will fall apart. It is extremely easy to set up, it only takes 10 minutes to click in the soap holder, garbage bag holder and paper towel holder and fill up the fresh-water tank. The perfect solution for your emergency, medical, construction or retail facility. Does not require electricity or a designated water source. The 5 gallon gravity based water system is portable which allows it to be easily refilled and place in the most challenging of locations. 7.5 Gal. Grey water tank removable for emptying.

Built From Stainless Steel

  • Very robust and can withstand heavy usage over many years.
  • Double walled sides and door for maximum durability.
  • Very stable with good center of gravity.
  • Easily cleaned and sterilized, can be pressure washed.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors.

5 Gallon Fresh-Water Tank

  • Removable for refilling.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Gravity flow, no pumps needed.
  • Full width removable lid.

Auto-Fill Water Connection

  • Float valve with hose connection adapter.
  • Maintains freshwater tank at full.
  • Connects to garden hose. Connects to building with PEX piping.
  • Never have to worry about refilling the fresh water. Comes with an extra 5 gallon fresh water tank for refilling the main tank. Gets stored underneath in the cabinet.


  • Connect straight into the fresh-water tank. Gravity flow, no need for pumps.
  • 1 liter per minute flow.
  • Does 50-70 hand washes per refill (20 seconds per wash).

Soap/Sanitizer Holder

  • Holds most size of soap and sanitizer bottles.
  • Can be moved to either side of the unit or stored inside.

Garbage Bag Holder

  • Attaches to either side of the unit or goes inside on the door.
  • Takes any size of garbage bag.

Paper Towel Holder

  • Works with standard or commercial paper towel rolls.
  • Attaches to either side of the unit or goes inside on the door.
  • Can be removed and stored inside if not needed.
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