Faceshield FS-1001

Faceshield FS-1001

Item # 466FS1001-EA

  • Provides total face protection for healthcare, industrial, laboratory, etc. Whenever protection from liquid splash is needed.
  • This lightweight face shield can be worn comfortably for long periods of time
  • Fits easily over prescription glasses or protective eyewear
  • An anti-fog coating reduces the possibility of fogging in high humidity environments
Manufacturer #466FS1001-EA
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The Shield is low distorting and optically cleaner while a soft foam headband securely positions the device on the wearer while preventing droplets from entering from above.


  • MDEL Class 1 License number - 11895
  • 320mm wide x 220mm tall Face Shield (considered 'full' length)
  • Polyester shield material - 7mil film (minimum)
  • Low density polyurethane foam with adhesive layer, secured along top edge of face shield, to form to and rest on forehead of user.
  • Polyester/rubber blend elastic strap, ultrasonically welded direct to shield surface.
  • Anti-fog coating on face side of shield, MSY716FP