DIS-256 Disinfectant/Detergent - 3.8 L

DIS-256 Disinfectant/Detergent - 3.8 L

Item # 136730762-EA

  • It is an effective cleaner, disinfectant, detergent, deodorizer, sanitizer, fungicide and mildewstat.
3.8 L, ea
Manufacturer #730762-JG
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Confirmed by Health Canada to be effective against 2019 novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19)

This product has been designed specifically for hospital, nursing homes, school, food processing plants and other institutions where housekeeping is of prime importance. At proper dilution, DIS-256 Detergent/Disinfectant exhibits effective disinfectant activity against the following: Pseudomonas aeruginosa PRD 10 Streptococcus pyogenes, Escherichia coli Brevibacterium ammongenes, Klebsiella pneumoniae Streptococcus salivarius Staphylococcus aureus, Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Vancomycin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (VRSA), Klebsiela pneumonia New Delhi Metallo-Beta Lactamase (NDM-1), Carbapenem Resistant. DIS-256 is a fungicidal against Pathogenic fungi, Trichophyton mentagrophytes (Athlete's Foot Fungus). When used on environmental inanimate hard surface at proper dilution with water exhibits effective virucidal activity against Influenza A2/Asian (representative of the common flu virus). Herpes simplex (causative agent of fever blisters and mononucleosis). Adeno virus type 2 (causative agent of upper respiratory infections), and Vaccinia virus (representative of the pox virus group), Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1), Feline calicivirus, Norovirus (including Norwalk Virus) and Avian Influenza virus, Type A (Turkey/WIS/66), H9N2, Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome Virus (PRRSV). This product has demonstrated effectiveness against Vaccinia and Influenza A virus and is expected to inactivate all Influenza A viruses including 2009 (H1 N1) pandemic Influenza A virus. EFFICACY TESTS HAVE DEMONSTRATED THAT DIS-256 Detergent/Disinfectant IS AN EFFECTIVE BACTERICIDE AND FUNGICIDE IN THE PRESENCE OF ORGANIC SOIL (5% BLOOD SERUM). KILLS HIV ON PRE-CLEANED ENVIRONMENTAL SURFACES/OBJECTS PREVIOUSLY SOILED WITH BLOOD/BODY FLUIDS in health care setting (hospitals, nursing homes) or other settings which there is an expected likelihood of soiling in inanimate surfaces/objects with blood or body fluids, and in which the surfaces/objects likely to be soiled with blood or body fluids can be associated with the potential for transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1).

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