Janibell® Liners

Strong, eco-friendly and easy to use! Designed to securely hold your garbage without breaking, tearing or falling apart. In addition to being made with 20% recycled material, the Janibell liner material includes a proprietary resin additive that is activated underground in landfills. The result: your Janibell bags will fully degrade in landfill or underground in 1 to 5 years. Janibell's continuous bag liners come in an accordion-folded roll that allows you to create different sizes of bags at any given time and take out the trash in about 30% of the time that it would take with a traditional trash container. All you do is pull, cut with built-in safety cutter and tie. There's never any waste of bag material. Each liner tube makes 30 full bags (or many more smaller ones), with the liner's total length dependent on the size of the corresponding trash container. So when you buy a 3-pack of liner refills, you're buying at least 90 bags.


Janibell® 250R Liner - Fits M250H, M250P

Fits M250H, M250P, BX
Manufacturer #250R3B

Janibell® 330R Liner - Fits M330B

Manufacturer #330R10B


Janibell® 400R Liner - Fits M400B, M400S

Fits M400B, M400S, CASE
Manufacturer #400R10B

Janibell® 450R Liner - Fits M450B

Fits M450B, CASE
Manufacturer #450R10B

Janibell® Privé Liner - Fits Privé

Fits Privé, PK
Manufacturer #PVCR10B