Nobles® Speed Scrub™ Micro-Rider Scrubbers

Easy to learn, one button controls decrease the time spent training, and shifts it to more time spent cleaning. Choose either disk for smooth floors with out debris or cylindrical scrub heads for capturing light debris. Just scrubbed floors are immediately dry and safe for traffic and detergent is automatically mixed and measured precisely with optional FaST®. Also available with ec-H2O™. With ec-H2O™ option, you'll use 70% less water than conventional scrubbing methods. Detergent clean. Water safe. ec-H2O technology converts water into a powerful cleaning solution. 29 gallon solution and recovery tanks.


Nobles® Speed Scrub™ Micro-Rider - 32" Cyl. w/FaST®

32", Cylindrical w/FaST®, ea
Manufacturer #9001975
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Nobles® Speed Scrub™ Micro-Rider - 32" w/ec-H2O™

32", Disk w/ec-H2O™, ea
Manufacturer #9006086
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